Wednesday, October 03, 2007

That's kinda messed up

Let's go to the dumb files.
Perennial underachiever and small-handed Lakers power forward finally decided to get tough. Too bad it was with the police.

Brown was riding along with a drunk driver going the wrong way on a street, and Brown would not go down without a fight. Brown was detained for being "out of control" according to police officers.

By the way, Brown or "pussy" as Phil Jackson likes to call him, is coming off shoulder and ankle surgeries. Don't you love that he saves his energy for the 5-0.

More Lakers news: Eighteen players participated in the Lakers first practice which means Elton Brown, Coby Karl, Andre Patterson, and Larry Turner are battling for the 15th and final spot on the Lakers roster. That is if the Lakers decide to carry 18 players. So much for this significant off season signings of Elton and Coby.

Did you know?
The Lakers are still $800, 000 over the salary cap. Yes, even with that roster.

Kobe gets sunburned:

From Lakers media day:

(Q: Was it all work and media this summer or did you get a chance to
relax? Watch any soccer?)
"I played some. I haven't had a chance to go watch any, except for on
TV. I watched the Women's World Cup. I went to Bora Bora and got a
nice sunburn, which felt good even though I got burned. I just relaxed
and enjoyed the summer."

I definitely noticed Kobe's tan since he came back.

Kobe Berra
(On the Lakers' chances in the Western Conference...)
"We have an uphill battle, but the only thing you can do is walk up that hill."

Let's just hope Andrew Bynum doesn't get too tired walking.
What did they put in the food at Madison Square Garden?

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas said Wednesday
his mind "never left basketball" throughout a three-week trial where
he was found guilty of sexually harassing a former Knicks executive.

"Honestly, my head never left basketball. This is what I've done. This
is what I do and this is what I think about the majority of the time," said
Thomas on the Knicks' second day of training camp.

I'm glad he was only thinking about basketball. Once the season starts, he can go back to thinking about sexually harassing co-workers.

Food for thought:
If the Diamondbacks make the playoffs and still no one shows up to their games, are they really in the playoffs?

Random Laker: Mitch Richmond

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