Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girardi a great fit for Dodgers

Who's a better manager for a pitching staff?

The guy who kept in a fragile Pedro Martinez in a huge playoff game when Pedro was falling apart like a 1993 Nissan Sentra, or a guy who had two pitchers in the top 20 in ERA in the National League is his first year as a big league manager?

If you answered the latter, then Joe Girardi, who is being rumored as the next Dodgers manager, is your man.

Under Girardi, Joe Borowski had an ERA of under 4.
Under Girardi, Annibal Sanchez had 10 wins.
Under Girardi, Josh Johnson had an ERA of 3.10.
Under Girardi, D-Train had a ERA of 3.87. This year, that ERA ballooned to 5.17.

In the year following his departure, the Marlins ERA rose by more than half a run.

You get the picture. Girardi, a former catcher knows how to handle a pitching staff. Grady Little has proven he has no idea how to handle a pitching staff (see collapse of Dodgers bullpen, 2007.)

Gym talk:
Me telling Buller about Travis Henry:

"You know that fool has 9 kids by 9 different women in a bunch different states."

Buller: "That's a lot of promising running backs for the NFL."

Say it ain't so:

Clippers cut Yaroslav Korolev

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